LTC Mark Teachey, USA (Ret)



CDR Michael Wegman, USN (Ret)



 Dr. Clay Worrell, PhD


America's military Veterans are in crisis

Veteran suicides have exceeded 6,300 every year

According to the U.S. Veteran’s Administration 2020 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report, 6435 U.S. Veterans died from suicide in 2018.  In each year since 2008, the number of Veteran suicides has exceeded 6,300 and the number of attempted suicides far exceeds 75,000 per month.

This data shows traditional suicide prevention simply is not working, and the men and women who wore the uniform, served their country, and endured the hardships of global military service deserve better.  There must be a better way!

Epic Life Veteran's University Overview

Tailored specifically for Veterans

Epic Life Veteran's University uses proven tangible 91-day program functions to provide Veteran participants with daily direction.  Those functions include their very own life coach for 12 months, both virtual (daily emails, videos, and access to online testimonials) and physical resources contained in a “Power Pack” (12 items including personalized a daily journal, user guide, a 4-disc reading manual, a music disc, a commemorative coin, a motivational tee-shirt, a timeline tracker, and much more).  

Epic Life Veteran's University empowers Veterans to take positive control of their lives to find fulfillment and value in life.  The daily activity of Epic Life Veteran's University directly counteracts the terrible epidemic of Veteran suicide.

Program Costs

Designed and priced to ensure maximum participation and success.

The robust comprehensive package of valuable resources that make up Epic Life Veteran's University is designed and priced to ensure maximum Veteran participation and success. 

While the public continues to pay upwards of $2499 to $5000 for the non-Veteran program, the cost of the Veteran centric program is reduced specifically as a deep military discount to say THANK YOU to our Vets.

We recommend $49 be paid for by the Veteran as a cost share to ensure VETS have “skin in the game” as stakeholders in their own success.  The additional $950 may be paid by other means, and financing options may be available.

Epic Life Veteran's University Changes Lives

It is time to make a difference

America asks men and women to voluntarily serve in our military, and when they serve we expose them to many troubling environments, activities, and behaviors.  As Veterans struggle to overcome the emotional remnants of their global military service, many turn to suicide.  According to the research of Harvard’s Dr. Lance Dodes, MD—only 7.5% of all treatment programs in America achieve success, as reported through program measures of effectiveness.  Clearly, what is being offered to Veterans today to combat the epidemic of Veteran depression, chemical addiction, and suicide isn’t working. 

Epic Life Veteran's University is a program that offers a different approach that makes a tangible difference in Veteran lives.

I'm ready to help our Veterans!

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