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Epic Life Veteran's University is a 91-day proven program endorsed by numerous doctors and counselors from multiple states and functions to provide veterans with daily direction. Those functions include a 12-month life coach, both virtual (daily emails, videos, and access to online testimonials) and physical resources contained in a “Power Pack” (12 items: daily journal, user guide, a 4-disc reading manual, a music disc, a commemorative coin, a motivational tee-shirt, a timeline tracker, and more).

Epic Life Veteran's University empowers Veterans to take back positive control of and find fulfillment and quality of life. The daily activity of Epic Life Veteran's University counteracts the epidemics of Veteran depression, PTSD, chemical addictions, and veteran suicide.

We have also been featured on the radio, news, and television. 
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Dr. Clay Worrell, PhD

An Author, Life Coach, and Speaker, Dr. Clay Worrell was radically saved after years of struggling with alcoholism, opiate addiction, PTSD, and depression. On Sept. 2, 2001, was shot in the head with a 9mm and saw part of Heaven. A once-proclaimed atheist untill the age of 30, it was only then that he knew God was real. As a young man he was an awarded athlete in football, baseball and martial arts. A very successful coporate businessman, Clay was in the top 1% of income worldwide and had been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. Clay had all the world could offer, from houses, cars, boats, Harleys, Rolexs, to women, drugs and alcohol. A risk taker, Clay induldged in cliff jumping, bungie jumping, and skydiving. After losing his business, he went into a 12-year downward spiral of addiction and suicidal behavior. After 25+ detox units from Virginia to Florida, 20+ hospitals, 3 suicide attempts, overdosing and being declared dead twice, 4 failed recovery programs, 10+ jail(s) and 90 days in prison, 15+ broken bones, broken homes and marriage…, Clay was lost and declared hopeless by family and even addiction counselors.

But 1 day and 1 prayer from the heart changed everything. Today Clay has a Masters in Counseling, Doctorate of Theology, has founded and co-founded two ministries, and is an executive administrator of a Bible College. 

Epic Life Solutions is a 91 day Program Clay created for helping others overcome hurts, habits, hang-ups and find the ABUNDANT LIFE in Christ is now Internationally endorsed and recognized in 178 Countries globally. 

Clay also created Students 4 Epic Life. A Program designed to empower, equip and inform our youth about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. 

Clay Worrell has a unique anointing to empower people through life experience and solid biblical teaching on how to overcome anxiety, depression, anger, unforgiveness, suicidal tendencies, pornography, PTSD, and chemical addictions. His unique style of applying the Word of God in day-to-day life are exceptional. At heart he is an encourager and a motivator and shows others the way to absolute breakthroughs and victory in life.


LTC Mark Teachey, USA (Ret)

Mark Teachey is a Native of Wilmington, NC. He joined the North Carolina National Guard in 1978 and after Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC and Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Benning, GA, he returned home and began working as a full time Emergency Medical Technician for the County of New Hanover.  In 1980, Mark began Basic Law Enforcement Training with the Cape Fear Community College and upon graduation began working as a Deputy Sheriff with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department.

In 1982, Mark Teachey was selected by the National Guard to attend the Army Officer Candidate Program. He, along with 86 other selectees, participated in the rigorous program and the following year graduated with 24 other newly commissioned Lieutenants. Mark, after attending the Infantry Officers Basic Course in Fort Benning returned back to North Carolina and while working full time as a Deputy Sheriff received several military awards for superior service as an Infantry Lieutenant in the National Guard in response to State Active Duty missions. 1n 1986, he attended Brenau University and received Counter-Terrorism certificate as a member of the Emergency Response Team of the Sheriff’s Department. He was selected as the Battalion Scout Platoon Leader then Infantry Company Commander and was promoted to Captain. In 1990, then CPT Teachey joined the US Army and attended the Infantry Officers Advance Course. Upon Graduation, he became the Operations Officer for the Counter Drug Task Force. He was selected for Major in 1995 and was placed in positions of greater responsibility. He attended the Combined Arms Service Staff School and received the 90A (Ordnance) designation. Major Teachey was selected to train the Moldavian Army and conducted two tours. In 1999, Major Teachey attended the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS. He was assigned as Task Force Operations Officer for the Recruiting Command. In 2003, He was assigned to the Special Operations Command and became Operations Officer for LTF-West in Operations Iraqi Freedom. Upon his return to Fort Bragg, he was selected to develop the complex security plan for the 1 month celebration of the Wrights Brothers Flight at Kill Devils. After this successful mission, MAJOR Teachey was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 2006 and became commander of the Military Academy at Fort Bragg. He was also assigned as Battalion Commander for the OCS program.

In 2008, while on Active Duty, LTC Teachey was selected to be the Operation Officer for the 108th Training Regiment at Fort Hunter Liggett, California and a year later was selected as Regimental Commander. During his tenure in California he trained over 5,600 Soldiers to prepare for deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq. He was selected for Colonel in the US Army in 2009 deployed back to Iraq for a short tour. Upon his return he was selected to attend the US Army War College. He made a decision to turn his attention to his family and was transferred to Fort Bragg as senior staff officer. In September of 2011 he retired from Active Duty with 22 years. During his time in service he was awarded numerous awards including the Legion of Merit, five Meritorious Service Medals, four Army Commendation Medals, Combat Infantryman Badge, and Global War on Terrorism medal, etc. He was the WPS program manager for the State Department in 2013 in Baghdad. In October of 2013 he became Program Director for District 11A Veterans Treatment Court. 

Mark Teachey has a BA in Justice and Public Policy (Magna Cum Laude) and MBA (Summa Cum Laude) He also attended and received the Department of State Personal Security Specialist (PSS) Course and Emergency Response Team Course in 2012 – 2013. He continues to serve as part time Law Enforcement Officer and is active in the church. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Public Safety from Capella University. In 2015, Mark was selected to become a member of the Governors Working Group for Veterans, Service Members and Families. He has conducted numerous presentations to other District Court officials across the state and the Governors Crime Commission. Mark has also been on radio talk shows presenting the value of the Veterans Treatment Court.

Mark is married and is a father of two children.  He currently lives in Selma, NC. 


CDR Michael Wegman, USN (Ret)

David "Michael' Wegman grew up in Goldsboro, North Carolina the son of a retired Air Force father and public-school teacher mother. Third of children and oldest son, in 1977 Michael met his soulmate Carolyn Smith in English class at Eastern Wayne High School, just two months before their graduation. After high school, Michael and Carolyn dated and attended her church where in 1978 he accepted the Lord into the center of his life just weeks prior to enlisting in the U.S. Navy.

Trained as a nuclear submarine electrician and navy SCUBA diver, Michael proposed to his high school sweetheart in 1979 and they were married in June of 1980. For the next three years, he deployed around the world in support of the U.S.- Soviet Cold War. While serving as an enlisted submariner, Michael felt a strong tug to obtain post-secondary education-a reality in 1983 after his competitive selection to a Navy program that took him to Auburn University, Alabama. At Auburn, he obtained a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a commission as an active-duty naval officer. Trained in surface warfare, Michael served as an engineering officer and combat systems officer in two different surface ships and became a father to their first of two daughters in 1990.

By 1992, he was selected to serve as adjunct professor of naval science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where the Wegman's welcomed a second daughter, Rachel, into their family as he completed graduate business school and transferred his commission to the Naval Reserves. Placing his family ahead of his naval career, Michael became a stockbroker for Prudential Securities in Durham, North Carolina to help raise his daughters.

Trained on Wall Street in the risky fast-paced world of stock market trading, Michael desired a more consultative financial advising experience and in 1996 obtained advanced certifications and licensure as a Financial Advisor, Registered Investment Advisor, and Retirement Planning Counselor. In 1998 the Wegman family moved back to Goldsboro and Michael transferred his practice to First Citizens Investor Services in Clinton, NC. As an FCIS regional Vice President, he managed $66 million in client assets at 14 branches located in 9 cities in Eastern North Carolina until September 11, 2001 changed the world and Michael's career destiny. Now promoted to Lieutenant Commander in the reserves, he was mandatorily recalled back to active duty in 2002, 2005, and finally permanently in 2008. For the next 6 years he served at the behest of the Navy in Italy, Kuwait, and eventually Norfolk, Virginia where he retired as a full Commander in 2014. He taught Navy Junior ROTC at Smithfield-
Selma High School from 2014-2020, retiring to re-enter the financial services industry as a licensed insurance broker with North American Senior Benefits in NC and West Virginia. Today, Michael's focus is on helping families mitigate risk and safeguard against unforeseen tragedy.

Michael is a Watercolorist, a writer, poet, and published author, and he is an avid long-distance backpacker having completed ~800 miles of the 2190-mile Appalachian Trail since his 2014 Navy retirement.


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